Why do the 21st Century brides prefer Kanjeevaram blue bridal saree?

An Indian woman’s closet defines her personality and to have a Kanjeevaram blue bridal saree is like finding a rare gem. Sarees will remain eminent addition as it is rooted in our culture. That’s why, even today, brides favour heirloom sarees passed down from generations or a gorgeous traditional saree that is full of heritage. But the urge to be unique and bring their vision to life has made the modern brides fall for the illustrious bridal saree. The main motive is to stay true to their identity without dishonouring their origin. Kanjeevaram south Indian bridal sarees emanate royalty. The seamless blend of colours incorporated in the thickly woven fabric makes a bride look like a dream on their D-Day.


21st Century brides Meet the traditional Kanchipuram Kanjeevaram South Indian Bridal Saree

Modern brides are all about accepting their traditions in their own distinctive style and there isn’t anything wrong about it. Some consider Kanjeevaram south Indian bridal sarees as the South Indian version of the legendary Banarasi silk. But every saree has its own story to tell, just like the 21st century brides. Kanjeevaram has a 400 years old history in Kanchipuram. The transition from the skilful weaver’s vision to an extravagant piece of art in the form of a saree involves months of painstaking labour. These sarees can cost even lakhs and for all the right reasons. 

A lot of attention is also paid to the detailing of Kanjeevaram south Indian bridal sarees. Floral buttas, motifs, Temple designs, stripes, figurines and different conventional arts are handwoven to impart that exquisite and idiosyncratic characteristic. The hard work involved in weaving wedding or reception Kanjeevaram sarees for bride is nonpareil. To preserve the authenticity, weavers have stuck to their age-old laborious practices that make these sarees a choice for many upcoming decades.

How are modern women redefining history with Kanjeevaram south Indian bridal sarees?

Brides nowadays are experimenting with colours. The wide borders and the game of colours can lure anyone. Kanjeevaram blue bridal saree is also becoming their first choice due to the exclusivity of the colour and its underlying significance of it. Kanjeevaram purple wedding saree and Kanjeevaram south Indian white wedding saree are pretty common. Both the colours are auspicious but the Kanjeevaram south Indian bridal saree you will pick for yourself must hold some value. 

But why a Kanjeevaram blue bridal saree?

Today woman decides their own life path. They want to be represented by colours that truly align with their views. There are many different reasons for choosing Kanjeevaram blue bridal saree. Blue symbolises wisdom and good health that they seek throughout their journey. It stands for stability and everyone wants to attain happiness as well as steadiness in this evolving modern lifestyle. Moreover, the new generation tends to draw inspiration from anything that feels motivating and the colour blue strengthens that belief. Being a calming colour, Kanjeevaram blue bridal saree ensure serenity whenever the bride is stepping into a new life. As the traditional beliefs have to say, a blue Kanjeevaram south Indian bridal saree is the embodiment of good luck and shower upon unlimited happiness and health.

The six yards of luxurious weaves empower women. Similarly, the state-of-the-art Kanjeevaram blue bridal saree makes the bride a divine beauty and gives them the identity that they want to create for themselves. 

However, still, the contemporary brides are choosing to be bona fide by draping themselves in the original Kanjeevaram south Indian bridal saree. The modern reception Kanjeevaram sarees for bride may feel lightweight. But the real beauty lies in the heavily weaved Kanchipuram Kanjeevaram South Indian Bridal Saree that reflects years of history.

Truly, a Kanjeevaram is an investment that will be a part of the trousseau. It’s just more than a piece of fabric, it’s a weave of emotions and silhouettes. Are you one of those brides who prefer to be eccentric in this 21st century?

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