About Us

Our Story

At Resham, we offer Sustainable fashion harmonized with exceptional fabrics which are handcrafted by local weavers. ‘Balaji Handloom’ the parent company of Resham, was established by Mr. Alochan Agrawal in the year 1990 with the sole purpose of keeping the traditional heritage of hand-looming alive!

Toady by creating an interlinked chain of work between our weaverbirds in cities like Chhattisgarh, Banaras, Calcutta, Bangalore, and Bhagalpur, we plan on generating employment for the lost art of weaving in all parts of India and beyond.

Our goal is to make House Of Silk a global phenomenon where we incorporate this natural fabric in our daily lives in India and around the world.
Our products project the centuries-old culture and tradition which exists in the hands of our local artisans.

In an age of fast fashion where we are consuming more and using less, Resham provides you with the eternal elegance of sarees which are constituted from exceptional fabrics.

Exhibiting the fusion of modern prints with traditional weaving imparts you with a garment that is sure to last for a lifetime!

Resham- House of Silk, a project started by Vishakha Agrawal, to bring forward the legacy of Balaji Handlooms by taking in all the business etiquette from her family, in a world of digitalization. Always been mesmerized with the artistic nature of the textile business, she is driven with a passion of millennial who wants to keep the tradition of hand-weaving alive!

We invite you to join us in our journey of conscious clothing!