The Beginning

"Hello! I am Vishakha
Agrawal, a 19 year old who is the founder of
Resham ~ House of Silk. I was born and                                                                brought up in Raigarh. My life has revolved
around a fascination for fabrics & clothes as my
dad owns a textile business.
After I completed my high school at Scindia
Girls School, Gwalior, I joined O.P. Jindal
University, Raigarh for my undergrad.
Alongside academics, I joined my father's
business to gain some practical exposure and
get a sneak peek into the world of textile

Needless to say, my dad was my
inspiration from the very beginning and I
alwavs knew that I will follow his footsteps.
But this became real in 2020. When I was in
quarantine because of COVID. The time was
tough and so, I was constantly doing things to
engage myself. And it was then that it finally
struck me that I can start a slow fashion label
connecting workers, and artisans who have
been affected due to the pandemic and that's
how, on 2nd October'20, Resham came into

Like everybody else, I used to obsess over
brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, etc. With time
I have realized that they are promoting their
craftsmanship, so why aren't we? I wish to
promote Indian handloom textile & the weavers
around the world, go global with this, and
provide them the recognition that they
Resham is an exclusive slow fashion
brand where our clients choose the
design & suitable fabric selected by us
which I then source from my dad. Then
the measurements are taken, the hath ke
karigar do their magic in the form of
embroidery, it's stitched by the tailor
followed by the first fitting, and then ta-
da! the final piece is ready.

Resham has gone from being an impromptu idea
to a brand that has styled celebrities like
Asha Negi, Sonali Kulkarni and Richa
Chadha and a brand that has put a pop
up in Mumbai and it still feels surreal!"